What transaction terms does ZhaohePOS support?

Since there are many links in the international transaction process, it is necessary to clarify the risk bearer of each link, so there are different trade terms.

For sample orders, ZhaohePOS supports EXW and DAP terms

For bulk orders, ZhaohePOS supports EXW,FOB,CIF,DAP,DDP terms

EXW:The seller makes the item available to pick up at the factory and is not responsible for the product once it leaves the factory doors. The buyer is responsible for transporting it from the factory and covers all export and import clearances and insurance costs.

FOB:FOB means that the seller ships the goods to the nearest port, and the seller is responsible for everything after that. The Seller will drop this off at the port of shipment, and the Buyer will either pick it up themselves or more commonly work with a freight forwarder to ship it for them. The seller is the one to clear the goods for export, and the buyer is responsible for the goods from the port onwards.

CIF:Refers to when the cargo crosses the ship’s rail at the port of shipment (actually the shipping hold
), the seller completes the delivery. The seller shall pay the freight and insurance premiums for the goods from the port of shipment to the port of destination, but the buyer shall bear the risk of damage and loss after the goods are shipped.

DAP:The Seller delivers the goods to the final destination of the buyer. The seller assumes all risks with the shipping and either load or pays a third party to load the goods for shipment. The Buyer is only responsible for paying the customs fee and clearing the goods for clearance. The buyer also pays to unload the goods at the final destination.

DDP:In these terms, this means that the seller pays for and is responsible for everything. The seller pays all costs and assumes all risks to the final destination. The buyer is only responsible for unloading the goods once they arrive at the final destination as chosen by the buyer.