Stuck on the BIOS interface and can’t enter the system(Android OS POS Machine)

If the machine can be turned on normally, but can’t enter the system, you need to upgrade the system firmware.

1.Use the USB cable to Flashing for the first time, please install the driver DriverAssitant_vX.X

1.1Unzip DriverAssitant_vX.X.rar, double-click to open, and click the driver to install


2.1Unzip AndroidTool_Release_vX.XX.rar and run AndroidTool.exe as administrator

2.2Select the corresponding system firmware, it must be a complete img file, and load it

2.3Use a double male USB cable, connect one end to the computer USB port, and the other end to the motherboard OTG-usb port, press and hold the Uboot button and simultaneously connect to the 12V power supply,After the upgrade tool appears “found a LQADER device”, release the Uboot button, and then click ‘upgrade’

Noted:Different mainboards have different uboot keys.

2.4After the upgrade is successful, the board automatically restarts after about 10S, and the LED light turns blue.

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