Self Ordering Kiosk Help you Reduce Cost

Pos system come a lot, and Self order kiosk come no less, but a remarkable cash register and Self order kiosk doesn’t.

 When considering about purchasing a Self order kiosk, what will mark the points?

What virtues will add to its When a machine is used as a traditional cash register and a self-service payment machine at the same time, thus attaching us the capacity to transcend existing ffunction and enabling us to drive a future of smart retail.

ZH-TM156 is a new launch by Zhaohe on its 8th anniversary day, converging multiple excellent merits at one point to surprise the market.

This means that we have opened a new window here to depict another piece of sky at this epoch-making moment.

The main advantages of ZH-TM 156 are as follows

1. High stability

 Equipped with high-performance motherboards and chips, it can easily carry all kinds of software and improve the efficiency of software development.

 2. Dual screen dual touch

 15.6inch HD resolution screen, dual touch control,

 Support customers and cashiers to operate at the same time to improve work efficiency

 3. Multiple peripherals

 Built-in 80mm high-definition thermal printer with automatic cutter, easy to print receipts, in addition, a high-sensitivity scanner is also indispensable, and NFC, Pos brackets are open functions for customers in different application scenarios to choose

 4. Two systems

 Windows system or Android system, compatible with all kinds of cashier and retail software,peripheral drivers and SDK files will be sent to customers,improving docking efficiency and reducing development cycle

Among what we can see in the retail market, this has really become a useful aid for us to improve efficiency and sales.

ZH-TM156 Self service payment kiosk,

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