Printer can’t auto cut the paper

If the printer you purchased has an automatic cutter function, and it suddenly fails to automatically cut during use, please follow the steps below to fix up.

1.Open the Windows setting interface, find the printer driver setting interface, check whether the automatic cutter function is turned on, you can choose full cut or half cut

2.If the cutter function of the driver setting interface has been turned on, please print the self-check page to check whether the cutter function is available. For steps to print a self-test page, please refer to the following article…..

3.If the self-check page still cannot be automatically cut, please check whether there is any paper stuck in the cutter, and try again after cleaning.

4.If it is still not repaired after cleaning, please check to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver

5.If it still cannot be repaired after the above steps, please contact our technical staff for after-sales processing