Quality Policy

  1. Always follow the principle of “quality is greater than everything”, keep in mind that quality is the foundation of Zhaohe’s survival and the reason for the customer to choose Zhaohe
  2. Communicate the customer’s requirements to the entire R&D chain, production chain, and quality control chain. Quality is the responsibility of all employees of the company
  3. Formulate rules and procedures to strictly control every link
  4. Balance risks and opportunities with customers, quickly respond to customer needs, and achieve a win-win situation
  5. Zhaohe promises to provide customers with high-quality products, services and cashier solutions, and consistently enable customers to experience our commitment in creating value for each of them.

Open, Collaborative, Shared Success

Zhaohe remains committed to openness and collaboration for shared success. We work closely with customers and suppliers to jointly create a harmonious and healthy smart cash register ecosystem, jointly face the challenges brought by the ever-changing market, and provide smart and convenient smart pos solutions

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