2023 Top 5 Self Ordering Kiosk for Restaurant

1.What is Self Ordering Kiosk?

With the rapid development of technology and society, people’s demand for efficient ordering and quick checkout is becoming stronger and stronger. Customers are unwilling to spend too much time for waiting. If there is a self ordering machine that can quickly complete ordering, Payment, order send to the restaurant kitchen, and the whole process only needs the orderer to operate independently, without the intervention of the waiter, which will greatly improve the ordering efficiency of customers and save labor costs for the store. According to research, the service efficiency of a self-service ordering machine is equivalent to 2-3 service personnel.

TS215 21.5inch Self Kiosk

Therefore, in recent years, self-service kiosk have become the main research and development field of the intelligent service industry. Major companies in the cash register field have begun to provide self-service ordering hardware and software for service industries such as restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, clothing chain stores, and fast food restaurants. , and achieved remarkable results, and due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, people’s demand for contactless services has been further strengthened, and the self-help field has developed rapidly and gained the favor of consumers.

2.Types of Self Ordering Kiosk

  • Wall Mounted Self Ordering Kiosk

The wall-mounted self ordering kiosk can greatly save the occupied area of the store. According to the average height of the local population, use VESA holes to fix it on the wall at a certain height, but the wall-mounted self kiosk will cause certain damage to the wall, and it cannot be fixed after installation. Therefore, store users should choose according to their actual situation.

T100 McDonald's KFC self service kiosk for restaurant
  • Countertop Self Ordering Kiosk

The countertop self-service ordering kiosk can be installed at the front desk of the store. The screen faces the customer instead of the cashier. The customer can order and payment without the service staff. This is very suitable for small convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

TS215 Self Ordering Kiosk
  • Floor Standing Self Ordering Kiosk

Floor standing self ordering kiosk are very popular in major chain fast food restaurants, similar to McDonald’s and KFC, generally a large chain fast food restaurant will use 2-3units floor standing kiosk, if the store is in a place with dense traffic For example, railway stations and high-speed rail stations will increase the number of self-service ordering kiosk,accordingly, so that the front desk only needs one guiding service person to assist customers in ordering meals, and the rest of the staff will provide food processing services in the back kitchen, which greatly improves the speed of meal delivery and saves waiting time.

T100 self kiosk

3.Advantages of Self Ordering Machine

  • Reduce waiting time

In today’s era, people hope that everything is fast, because time is the most precious wealth, and people’s patience has gradually been lost in the rapid development torrent. Self ordering kiosk can improve the operating efficiency of stores and greatly reduce customers’ waiting time.

  • Save labor cost

As mentioned earlier, the service efficiency of a self-service ordering machine is equivalent to 2-3 cashiers and waiters, but the cost of a self-service ordering machine only needs one cashier’s salary for one month, so if you still When hesitating whether to add a self-service ordering machine in your store, you can calculate the cost you can save, which is more helpful for making a decision.

  • Collect customer data

The self ordering kiosk can generate ordering habits for the customer while the customer is ordering, and collect and organize data in the background, and provide suggestions when the customer orders next time, further speeding up the customer’s order time.

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